Angelle makes hay with attacks

The Cajun Commissioner knows a good opportunity when he sees it, even when it’s being on the receiving end of negative campaigning.

The Scott Angelle for Governor campaign has twice emailed news media reminding journalists that Angelle, a member of the Public Service Commission and former long-time secretary of state Department of Natural Resources, has been the most-attacked of the four gubernatorial candidates. The suggestion is that the other candidates see Angelle moving in the polls and gaining much-needed name recognition and therefore they’re trying to knock him down a peg.

IND contributor Jeremy Alford of wrote about it this week, as did other media. On Wednesday, Angelle Communications Director Jessica Ragusa — who still hasn’t answered our question regarding her boss’ views on climate change/global warming — send a second email to media pointing out the latest article about Angelle’s punching-bag status:


In the last week, as Scott Angelle continues to gain traction and momentum, he has come under attack by both John Bel Edwards and David Vitter.

The Edwards/Vitter dual attacks allude to what has been evident in recent polling: Scott Angelle’s support is growing.

These petty attacks are an attempt to stop people from listening to Scott’s positive message and solution oriented campaign for hard-working Louisiana families. The people of Louisiana are tired of the same old politics of smear and fear and are looking for new leaders who will put Louisiana first.

Edwards and Vitter now see Angelle as a growing threat as the gubernatorial campaign is shaping up to be a three-way race. This point has now become the subject of two prominent columnists.

I’ve attached the latest column by Sam Hanna at the Ouachita Citizen highlighting the attacks by Edwards/Vitter and Scott’s growing momentum.