Behind the Hustle

by Amanda Bedgood

The making of a photo shoot

Art imitates life. Or is it life imitates art? When you throw fashion in the mix it’s a blurred line between fiction and fact. This month, INDStyle features a spread that began when my eyes bounced from local boutiques filled with jumpers, deep v-necks and rompers to "American Hustle."

Soft, voluminous hair and piles of gold. A little bit of bling and attitude for days.

Photo by Robin May

Where else would these mob-wife types hang besides a bank? And so, we headed to IberiaBank Tower Downtown with four glamazons and a carload of pieces from our favorite boutiques.

Our ladies spent some time in the chair at Mon Rêve with an ample dose of hair curling and muted makeup just right for a close up. The results were the sort of soft hues and big volume of an era that loved disco and low necklines. Pair that with all that’s trending at present — matching short ensembles and funky sandals — and it’s a recipe for what’s hot and what’s wearable.

There’s always a fine line between what we see on the big screen and the big runways and what works in our closet. If the models’ affection for their threads was any indication, we pulled off that hybrid.