Hey, it’s a Festival contest and sweepstakes!

Yeah, we just started a free Festival International photo contest and sweepstakes where you can win Fest VIP packages, restaurant tabs and a whole lot more. Well, actually just the VIP package and restaurant tab ...

We’re counting down the days to Festival International de Louisiana and we’re inviting IND readers to join us. We’re so amped for Festival, in fact, we started a photo contest and a sweepstakes. It’s free to enter both and you could win a tab at Jefferson Street Pub (photo contest) and an awesome VIP Fest Package (sweepstakes). Did we mention the free part?

For the sweepstakes, simply click here, give us some information, which we will not share with the NSA, and you’re set. Two winners will receive a pair of Lagniappe Festival Passes, two Fest pins, two Fest posters, two invitations to The INd’s VIP Festival Party, a couple of Visa gift cards to purchase Fest merchandise, one $50 gift card to Saint Street Inn, two copies of the Fest guide and the admiration and envy of friends and family. A photo of the winners will also be published in print and online.

Submit and share your Festival International photos and vote for your favorite — from years past to 2015 — by clicking here. Each Wednesday beginning April 8 a winner will be chosen and awarded a $25 tab at Jefferson Street Pub good for the bar (must be 21) or the dining menu. Be sure to include the #INDFBF hashtag, short for IND Flashback Festival, with your photo. We’ll compile galleries of reader-submitted photos for your viewing pleasure.

Once again, here are the links for the IND/Festival International VIP Sweepstakes and the #INDFBF Photo Contest.