Mary Tutwiler

Ancient tales of Japan

by Mary Tutwiler

Fascinated by creation myths? Stories from the book of Kojiki, a 7th century A.D. volume depicting the origins of the Japanese deities will be enacted by storyteller Kuniko Yamamoto at the Acadiana Center for the Arts tomorrow. The Kojiki, the oldest extant Japanese book, tells the story of the creation of the kami, deities and spirits, upon the plane of heaven, and the subsequent creation of earth. The ancient myths are told in story and song form, which Yamamoto will bring to life using masks, songs, stylized movement, origami and a touch of magic. Her performance Wednesday night will be followed by a Thursday workshop on using origami in the classroom as a way to lead into learning about Japanese culture. Tickets are $3 for kids, $5 for adults for the performance, $10 for the workshop. For more information click here, or call the Acadiana Center for the Arts at (337) 233-7060.