Letters to the Editor

It's about abortion

This is in reference to the article on the Catholic Church’s stance against Planned Parenthood and its supporters (“The Ties That Bind,” April 2). If only some Susan G. Komen affiliates were giving money to fund murder in only a few cities nationwide, people would be up in arms. There would be protests, political posturing, and possibly even riots against such ghastly activity.

This situation is no different. Catholics believe that the killing of any human life, wanted or unwanted, convenient or inconvenient, is murder. So we are taking the stance that any affiliation with abortion-murder is unacceptable. It’s time for these organizations to stand up and be recognized, for or against the legalized murder that is abortion. If they choose not to, then it is our right to not support them.

Why is there a distinction between handing someone a gun to shoot your friend and having your baby ripped apart with tongs and then vacuumed away? Abortion has been twisted around into a “health care need,” and any health care must be good.

Abortion sets a dangerous precedent. Where does it end? At what point in your life will you become too old and sick to take care of? Or what if society suddenly deems that it’s okay to kill ugly people? If we can legally kill the weakest of us because they are inconvenient, then I hope that I never become inconvenient.