Letters to the Editor

Where's Langlinais' vacation time?

According to Assistant District Attorney Eric Duplantis there is a “black hole” when it comes to records whereby former Iberia Parish President Will Langlinais is applying for $20,000 of accrued vacation pay after pleading guilty to malfeasance in office, and Iberia Parish Human Resources Director Donna McDonald says she has no way to calculate how much vacation pay Langlinais might be entitled to because he has no paperwork (“Politics: Langlinais seeks $20,000 in vacation pay,” March 26).

During Langlinais’ time in office he never notified anyone where he was and whether he was on parish business or on his own time. Iberia Parish employee vacation and sick leave policy states that “Leave records must be maintained for employees eligible to accrue vacation leave.”

As an Iberia Parish taxpayer, this makes me very concerned.

If no records were kept, how did Langlinais’ lawyer, Wade Trahan, come up with the $20,000 amount of vacation pay for Langlinais? After all, if there is no documentation of vacation time, something smells very fishy here.

Of course nothing surprises me about Iberia Parish politics. For as long as I can remember, fishy things have been carried out of this parish by hook or by crook. Please don’t ask me to prove it. You just might not like what you see.