ABiz Presents

INDesign 2015: All Grown Up

by Amanda Bedgood



A children’s store in Eunice gets the artistic treatment.

The children’s store gets all grown up with conceptual design and an execution that’s equal parts whimsy and art. Four Southern Girls in Eunice is home to special occasion children’s clothing along with a pampered mom and pampered pet section — all designed by Charles Seale of Charles Seale Designs.

“The concept for the design is a play on two and three dimensions and is reminiscent of a child’s coloring book,” Seale says. “Shapes of furniture are simply drawn on walls in black line. Some areas include both a drawing and an actual piece of furniture as if the drawing is coming into the third dimension, and finally complete pieces of furniture,

painted white and outlined in black, appear as a drawing in the third dimension.”

The simple black and white palette is the background for colorful clothing in the new shop from owners Janet Marcantel and Mindy Bollich while technology brings new life to window displays — a special free form projection screen in the show windows creates background and special videos. It’s a fresh bit of life in the historic district of Downtown Eunice in a building that long housed Louis Wright’s clothing store circa 1911.

The interior also includes the original pressed tin ceiling and two rolling ladders as an homage to the space’s roots.

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