Health & Wellness

Wrap It Up

by Amanda Bedgood

Tummy tightening can happen in no time.

There’s a reason It Works! wraps have gotten away with that name. The body wraps may actually work.

They claim to tighten, tone and firm.

One wrap takes 45 minutes, and the results should begin showing up in 72 hours. For the best effect, meaning results that can last two to six months, experts recommend a full treatment of four to six wraps for an area.

I’ve heard of wraps — even known a few people who have had them done with varying degrees of success. Many seem to lose not much more than water weight with a return of all they were trying to rid in a matter of days or weeks. But when Dawn Foreman — owner of Personally Fit, a registered dietician, author and all around legit person — started posting about the products on social media, I took note.

“I was skeptical, and in my medical mind it didn’t make sense to me,” Foreman says. “I’m all about, ‘You have to change your lifestyle.’ If you want to really impact your life you have to fuel your body with nutrients and get stronger,” she adds.

The woman who is a human agent of change believes deeply in an approach that means being able to do more than you could yesterday. But she says the wraps are able to give results that motivate.

“Motivation doesn’t happen when you’re sitting still. It happens when you see progress ... change those areas of the body you thought hopeless,” Foreman says.

She started using It Works! wraps in January 2013. It’s a cloth sheet with essential oils that can be cut and applied to any area of the body to tighten, tone and firm — arms, thighs, tummy, back, neck.

Depending on how the wraps are purchased, you can snag four of them for as little as $15 each, and the process is done at home. Before writing this article, I headed over to Personally Fit for a try at the wrap.

After 45 minutes I began noticing a subtle difference. And Foreman says the longer you stay healthy — so, yes, let the wraps motivate you to eat right and stay active — the longer the results stick around. In other words, maybe this author will think twice before ordering that upsized waffle fry. — AJH