Fashion Feature


by Amanda Bedgood

“I almost bought flowy, patterned pants. Just couldn’t do it.”Brittain Joel


Today, we bring you Ask Amanda at INDStyle where I answer your bewildering fashion queries. Join us every other Tuesday and send all your pressing sartorial questions to [email protected] where I’ll attempt to resolve your dressing doubts.

Dearest Brittain,

Buy the pants. Just buy them. You won’t regret it for a single second. Ever. (Unless it’s super rainy and then prepare to hike up your beloved flowy pants.) I wear mine day and night. From soccer games and church to dinner with the girls. Bonus: No need to go home and toss on old yoga pants at the end of the day. These bad boys are super comfy.

Flowy pants aren’t just for tall girls, skinny girls, fashion forward girls, brave girls. They can become a staple in any wardrobe no matter your shape or your style vibe. Pulling them off comes down to two things — fit and pairing choices. And if you’re petite, many stores offer a variety of flowy pants that you can chop and wear rather than hem.

Vanessa V.

FIT — If you’re apprehensive about a flowy pant, go big or go home. Go for the biggest flowy pant you can find for a cross between a maxi skirt and pants. It can be a great way to ease into the flowy pant world. We love these black and white ones from Vanessa V. paired with bright yellow. For a more subdued combo the navy blue over at Brother’s on the Blvd. is perfect for brunch with the gals.

When it comes to a flowy pant, it’s kind of like jeans. The cut you want depends on your shape. Try on every pair you can get your hands on to find the one right for you. That includes the same cut in different patterns. The exact same pants in a solid can look very different in a funky print that draws the eye away from trouble spots. So — try, try again. Not all flowy pants are created equal.

PAIRING CHOICES — The top you pair with a flowy pant will make or break your look. Try a variety from a fitted tank if a flat tummy is your best attribute to a high-low shirt or a piko top. Try the same shirt tucked in with a long necklace and then out as well. Where the shirt hits the thighs will make a big difference in how your shape looks overall.

Brother's on the Blvd.

One of my personal favorites to pair with a flowy pant is a fitted tank with a kimono over it. Add a long necklace and you’re ready to go from day to night. A worn little T-shirt tucked only in the front with a few necklaces and a flat ankle boot is a cool way to do laid-back flowy pants. We love the simple white tank paired with super wild prints over at Jewelie’s.

Remember, flowy is your friend.