Leslie Turk

Sen. "wide stance" Craig to "serious sin" Vitter's rescue

by Leslie Turk

U.S. Sen. Larry "wide stance" Craig is defending fellow embattled Sen. David Vitter, saying Vitter should not resign over his "serious sin" involving a D.C. prostitution ring.

Idaho's Craig was among several GOP senators who say Vitter’s testimony in the “D.C. Madam” prostitution case should not compel his resignation, The Hill reported April 8.

“First and foremost, in these kinds of issues, it’s the state and the relationship you have with your state that really determines where you ought to go,” Craig told the D.C.-based publication. “That was certainly my case. The Senate itself wasn’t going to judge me. I would allow the citizens of my state to do so. And there is still strong support there.”

Craig was arrested last year and pleaded guilty to soliciting sex from an undercover male officer in a Minneapolis airport bathroom. He then tried unsuccessfully to withdraw his guilty plea, blaming his "wide stance." After initially saying he would resign, Craig decided to stay in office, citing support from Idahoans. Last month he announced that he would not seek re-election and claims that decision was made before his "playing footsies" controversy.

Last year Vitter admitted only to a "serious sin" in his past but has had little to say since then. Should he resign, Gov. Bobby Jindal would name a replacement.