Vitter’s biggest campaign boosters: colleagues who hate him

On Capitol Hill, Sen. David Vitter is despised by colleagues on both sides of the aisle — along with their staff members — for his long-running campaign to strip congressional employees of the employer (Uncle Sam) contribution to their health insurance. So it’s little surprise many are rooting for him to win the Louisiana governor seat this October just to get him out of their hair, as Salon’s Jim Newell reports:

Maybe senators would have more respect for Vitter if his health care amendment stemmed from some sort of principle. (What principle that would be, I’m not particularly sure.) But it’s obviously just something he’s doing in his race for Louisiana governor. He wants to screw over Hill staffers because such a move will neatly pander to voters in Louisiana who want to see blood in the streets of Washington, and it doesn’t matter whose blood that is. Then, if successful, he’ll be out of town and it won’t matter how his colleagues and Senate staffers view him. David Vitter is an asshole, the end.

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