Gothreaux Returns for SOTE June 18

The ticket deadline is Thursday, June 11.

Lafayette Economic Development Authority President and CEO Gregg Gothreaux will present the 2015 LEDA Economic Performance Index at the fourth annual ABiz State of the Economy Luncheon on June 18.

LEDA’s EPI is a dashboard summary that compiles 15,000 data points into 15 key statistics that provide instant insight into the current state of the local economy. Gothreaux’s synopsis will provide a comprehensive view critical to business decision-makers charting the future of their businesses while also navigating an uncertain business climate in key sectors like energy and public investment.

Kyle Boudreaux , Elizabeth Gossen, Andrew Ahrens, Dee Dee Becquet and Chase Kenner of Ahrens Investment Partners

Gothreaux will also spotlight regional trends in the adjoining parishes that comprise One Acadiana. The result? The most efficient download of economic performance data available for South Louisiana.

“We’ve been working with business owners in Acadiana for 122 years, as Acadiana’s economy has grown and become steadily more sophisticated,” says Sue Soileau Brignac, president and CEO of Washington State Bank, one of the event’s presenting co-sponsors. “The State of the Economy report represents that like no other. LEDA’s work is first-rate. Its team tracks thousands of data points, analyzes the trends and then provides local leaders with the best real time data available. We’re glad to play a role in bringing such invaluable information to the local business community.”

Bottom from left: Sue Soileau Brignac and David Brignac Jr. Top: Burt Ortego, Susie Rowe, state Sen. Elbert Guillory, Glenn Ortego, Bridget St. André, Harold Stelly and David Prochaska of Washington State Bank

Joining Washington State Bank as co-presenting sponsor of this year’s event is Ahrens Investment Partners, and according to company CEO Andrew Ahrens, it didn’t take long before Gothreaux’s annual report became a mainstay for Acadiana’s business community.

“In just a few short years, the ABiz State of the Economy report has become mission critical for local business decision makers,” says Ahrens. “Back in the ’80s Lafayette was dependent on the price of oil. Now we are more diversified and more resilient to oil price swings. We at Ahrens are proud to support LEDA’s efforts to ensure that accurate information gets to the people who need it most. That helps all of us build for the future with confidence and a better understanding of what’s ahead in Acadiana.”

The supporting sponsor for this year’s event is One Acadiana (formerly the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce) — a regional economic development group covering a nine-parish region in South Louisiana.

This year’s luncheon will be held upstairs at the Cajundome Convention Center in the Festival Ballroom on Thursday, June 18, at noon.

Tickets are $45 per person or $395 for a reserved table of eight.

The ticket deadline is Thursday, June 11, at noon. For ticket reservations or more information, call Robin Hebert at 337-769-8603 or email [email protected].