Footwear Friday ... To the point

by Amanda Bedgood

Footwear Friday is going sexy with the fierce look of a pointy toe shoe. Heels not required. Join us every other Friday for a look at the hottest pieces for those feet found locally.

Pointy toe shoes are the quick way to take an outfit to a sassy place. Add to that a heel or a nude hue and you have footwear that elongates no matter your height.

We love these super hot heels found at Shoe La La with a killer wrap around leather strap. Doesn't get much sexier. Pair with little cocktail dresses or even dressy shorts or a romper that needs dressing up.

kiki is now a spot for footwear with a collection of Tory Burch shoes (among others). If you're going to be on your feet all day (think graduation this weekend), these flat pointy toe shoes are just the way to pull off the point without the pain.