Nathan Stubbs

Vitter won't testify in D.C. madam trial

by Nathan Stubbs

Sen. David Vitter won’t be taking the stand to answer any long-avoided questions about the “serious sin” he confessed to last year. Vitter was on a list of potential defense witnesses in the trial of alleged “D.C. madam” Deborah Palfrey. This morning, Palfrey’s defense attorney Preston Burton noted he would rest his case without calling any witnesses. The prosecution has already wrapped up its case. With only closing arguments left, Judge James Robertson told The Times Picayune , he expects “to have this case to the jury before lunch.”

Last year, Vitter’s number turned up in phone records for the D.C. escort service. He admitted only to a “serious sin” for which he sought forgiveness from God and his family, refusing to answer any further questions. He has repeatedly ducked reporters, including this incident last week when his getaway involved backing up into a parking sign before speeding away from a persistent news crew.