ASK AMANDA ... Casual feet

by Amanda Bedgood

Today we take Ask Amanda into the world of footwear for a simple question every style loving gal asks when the temps rise. Join us each Tuesday for answers to your pressing fashion questions and send your queries now to [email protected].

What type of casual, comfortable shoes are in for the summer? — Jessica Johnson

Dearest Jessica,

I love when style and comfort meet. While beauty is pain, there's not reason to hobble about all day in uncomfortable shoes. And so, there are two sure fire items for every cas girl's closet this summer — the slip on and the birk.

Both shoes go well with shorts, little dresses or cropped pants or jeans and into the fall. (Let's face it, those toes will stay warm around here into October.) We found the newest resurgence of Birkenstocks in spades at Shoe La La and while there's a great new variety (so many metallics and a few patents) it's the simple matt black two-strap pair that we dig to go with everything.

The slip on shoe (from Shoe La La) has a perforated fabrication in a chic color called 'gardenia' but we've seen this one done in everything from leopard to black leather. Think of it as a cross between a sneaker and a loafer.

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