The Beauty of Balayage

by Amanda Jean Harris

Lacy Quinn

It’s no secret well done hair is an art form. Highlights that look less store bought and more naturally sun kissed now come in the form of a new technique called balayage. And it’s a beautiful thing.

Hair stylists like Lacy Quinn of Mon Rêve are all about the balayage and the freedom it gives for her clients.

“Balayage gives us the artistic freedom Lacy Quinn to paint the hair wherever we choose, as opposed to using foils, which can be more precise and time consuming,” Quinn says.

Balayage works for every hair color, and the look depends on the artistry of the hair stylist in most cases.

“This technique is wonderful for blondes but also beneficial for unwanted grays and brunettes who adore sun kissed hair as much as we do,” Quinn says.

Balayage is great for any hair length — make sure to get your cut down before the process — and easy to maintain. And for the grays? The stylist can simply paint over those unwanted stubborn spots.

“It never goes out of style because natural beauty is always in,” Quinn says.

Spoken like a natural beauty.