This week in My Gun is Hard and Virile

We are, after all, the Sportsman’s Paradise.

The sponsor of a bill that would repeal state sales tax holidays on the purchase of back-to-school supplies, hurricane-readiness supplies and hunting equipment is promising to pull the bill after a Senate committee amended the bill to reinstate the tax holiday on hunting gear, according to The bill would have raised an estimated $4.3 million in revenue that would have otherwise been waived on the retail sale of those items.

But Rep. Jack Montoucet, a Crowley Democrat, said he’ll yank House Concurrent Resolution 15 from consideration after the Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Committee tinkered with the bill to maintain the three-day break consumers get from the state’s four-percent sales tax on guns, ammo, ATVs, tree stands and other gear, yet allowing similar sales-tax holidays on back-to-school and hurricane-readiness supplies to be repealed. U.S. Sen. David Vitter, a gun man and gubernatorial candidate, reportedly contacted lawmakers in support of maintaining the holiday for guns but not for pencils, notebooks, flashlights and generators.

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