Julien’s Poboys: Democrats not welcome

Or blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and basically any non-white, non-Republican, self-aware patrons

Louis Dupuy

Lafayette, have you met Louis Dupuy, the owner of Julien’s Famous Cajun-Style Poboys, which are neither famous nor particularly Cajun? Dupuy is pissed off, but he loves him some signs. They hang in profusion in his Lafayette and Broussard restaurants, and they sing his soul with pithy mirth.

Most of Dupuy’s signs are alternately sexist, sarcastic, gun-worshipping or in celebration of that all-too-common phenomenon in our culture: the grumpy, old white person. But Dupuy reserves a special place in his coal-black heart for Democrats in general and President Barack Obama in particular. Nothing wrong with that per se. We’re all entitled to our political predilections.

Dupuy came to our attention via Facebook where a photograph of one of his heart-warming signs hanging in the Broussard location was in heavy circulation last weekend (more below photo):

But it’s on his personal Facebook page where Dupuy really bares his soul. Scroll down further for those genuine expressions of not empathy and not egalitarianism.

Louis Dupuy, you grumpy old fart!

First, some selections from the restaurants (via the Julien’s website):

(Get it? Makers and takers?)

(Oh, those swarthy Messicans!)

Now, enjoy these images from Dupuy's personal Facebook page:

(We thought that was Rev. Wright.)

(Look at all the white people!)

(Um, you're not being labeled racist because of the color of your skin, dude. You're being labeled racist for the crap you post on social media.)

("Dis Bro"? Is that Ebonics?)

Eat Lafayette is underway, folks. Choose wisely!