Party Girl

Party Girl 04.16.2008

Ashley Taylor, Mandy Girouard and Jenny Korner

Chad John and Robert Martina

Party Girl experienced true VIP treatment on Thursday, March 27, at the Lafayette Young Lawyers Associations’ exclusive event at downtown’s newest, largest social venue: Karma. The event was open to all Lafayette Parish Bar Association members, guests and vendors. Of course when my friend Susan Holliday invited me, I couldn’t say no. The social was only for a limited time — 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. — so Party Girl had to hurry downtown to treat myself to an after-work walk on the wild side — everyone knows how young lawyers are! At least 100 of the VIPs mingled in the upstairs area of Karma, and everyone seemed to enjoy the food from WOW Café and Wingery. There were also lots of smiles from the free-flowing cocktails, including Party Girl’s personal favorite: a vodka tasting compliments of Karma.

George Rodrigue was in Lafayette a couple of weeks ago and was on the restaurant scene at his Blue Dog Cafe, where he ran into acquaintances Arlene LeBlanc and Katy Hinze of Advancial Federal Credit Union. To the Advancial ladies’ surprise, I was there having a leisurely lunch with a group of friends. Add a mid-afternoon martini and a camera and you’ll have a true Party Girl experience. My camera is like my MasterCard; I never leave home without it.

I left home for Baton Rouge with Dirk Thomas and some gal pals on a recent weekend after pulling some strings to get a reservation at the Red Stick location of Tsunami, located atop the downtown Shaw Center for the Arts. We got the best table with a perfect view from the roof to watch the sunset. That night, the place was filled with A-listers like Sunnie Fontenot, Marisa Huynh, Julie Stansberry, Anya Moaveni and Kim Huynh and plenty of the jet-set types. Since I am quite the gabber, I didn’t even get a chance to sample the food, but I did take in the wonderful ambiance and will make it a point to come back when I can sit down and get the full Tsunami experience. That’s a road trip I’ll never tire of. Party On! — PG

Kelly McArdle, Nicole Breaux, Kiisha Cooper and Maggie Simar

Penny Rogers, Susan Holliday, Danielle Cromwell and Stephanie Opry

Remy Jardell and Hoai Hoang

George Rodigue, Arlene LeBlanc and Katy Hinze

Dirk Thomas, Sunnie Fontenot, Marisa Huynh, Julie Stansberry, Anya Moaveni and Kim Huynh