R. Reese Fuller

Lake Peigneur residents head to Capitol

by R. Reese Fuller

Members of Save Lake Peigneur are heading to Baton Rouge tomorrow in support of a proposed Senate bill. The groups says the bill will protect the groundwater surrounding the lake by prohibiting the expansion of natural gas storage caverns in the Jefferson Island Salt dome. The concerned citizens are opposed to the expansion by AGL Resources of the Jefferson Island Storage & Hub facility. AGL recently launched the website lakepeigneurfacts.com to "to provide open, honest and accurate information concerning our facility."

Authored by Sen. Troy Hebert, SB194 "protects the ground water of Lake Peigneur by prohibiting the development, expansion, or conversion of certain storage caverns in the Jefferson Island salt dome." The bill will heard on Thursday morning, April 17 at 10 a.m. before the Senate Natural Resources Committee. An e-mail sent this morning by members of Save Lake Peigneur encourages residents and concerned citizens to attend the hearing in Baton Rouge or contact members of the Senate Natural Resources Committee.