Scott Jordan

Pro-Jindal group raises nearly $750,000

The cost of gas, health care, and groceries keep going up, up, up, and the economy is struggling. But all’s good if you’re Believe in Louisiana , the non-profit group whose sole mission is to tout Gov. Bobby Jindal’s agenda and legislative accomplishments. The Times-Picayune reports that in just three months, Believe in Louisiana has raised nearly $750,000 — and it’s already spent more than $600,000 of that figure with a Virginia-based media firm.

The group was formed by Baton Rouge Business Report Publisher Rolfe McCollister, who also served as Jindal’s campaign treasurer. It’s organized as a 527 group , which isn’t restricted by campaign finance limits and allows for unlimited contributions. The Picayune notes:

... $625,000 of the donations came from fewer than a dozen people or companies, including four that gave $100,000 apiece: Lee Domingue, of Baton Rouge; Joseph Canizaro, of New Orleans; Bollinger Shipyards, of Lockport; and Edward Diefenthal, of Metairie. McCollister donated $4,100 himself.

Other large contributions came from:

_Ashbritt Inc., of Pompano Beach, Fla., which gave $75,000.

_David Voelker, of New Orleans, who gave $50,000.

_ABC Pelican PAC, of Baton Rouge, which gave $25,000.

_FVE Investments, of Alexandria, which gave $25,000.

_Louisiana Manufacturers PAC, of Baton Rouge, which gave $25,000.

_David Ducote, of Houston, who gave $25,000.

_Southern Recycling LLC, of New Orleans, which gave $10,000.

_Phyllis Taylor, of New Orleans, who gave $10,000.

_Lane Grigsby, of Baton Rouge, who gave $10,000.

_Keith Van Meter, of New Orleans, who gave $10,000.