U.S. Supreme Court makes gay marriage bans a thing of the past

The U.S. Supreme Court just put an end once and for all to gay marriage bans in this country. News reports on the 5-4 ruling are just trickling in.

Here's one from CNN:

In a landmark opinion, the Supreme Court ruled Friday that states cannot ban same-sex marriage, handing gay rights advocates their biggest victory yet.

And here's another from in Alabama:

Gay marriage is the law of the land — including Alabama.

After months of unprecedented resistance to a federal court ruling striking down Alabama's ban on same-sex marriage, the U.S. Supreme Court today settled the issue once and for all in a 5-4 vote.

The justices reversed the Cincinnati-based Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which had held that states have a right to define marriage as the exclusive province of one man and one woman.

The Sixth Circuit was alone among the nation's appellate courts; others that had ruled had lined up in favor of same-sex marriage. Most federal district judges who weighed in on the issue also reached the same conclusion.

The Supreme Court's decision means that state bans on same-sex marriage across the country

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