MidSouth Bank promotes Troy Cloutier to prez

Troy Cloutier follows in the footsteps of his father Rusty Cloutier as president of MidSouth Bank.

Troy Cloutier

Troy Cloutier is following in the footsteps of his father Rusty Cloutier as president of MidSouth Bank.

The announcement came last week in a press release from the bank, noting that Rusty Cloutier, MidSouth Bank’s founder, will continue in his role as the CEO – as well as president and CEO of the bank’s holding company.

Troy Cloutier has been with the bank since 1992, serving more than eight years as regional president, and most recently as an executive vice president since January 2011.

From last week’s press release:

As President, Troy Cloutier will take on more of the responsibilities of managing the bank,following a national trend among various industries of splitting the role of President and CEO between two individuals. In this particular case, the separation of the roles of President and CEO will help the individuals more effectively and efficiently run the day-to-day operations of the bank’s two-state franchise, with special emphasis on East Texas, where MidSouth Bank has ongoing expansion plans.

“Troy joined the bank when he was 18 years old and has been highly successful in every challenging position we have asked him to serve,” says longtime MidSouth Bank Chairman Will Charbonnet Sr. in a prepared statement. “He has proven himself time and again and, in particular, showed impressive leadership ability after the tragic loss of Chief Operating Officer Jerry Reaux in early 2014. This is the biggest promotion for Troy – one that reflects the confidence we have in him with this increased role in the company.”

Charbonnet notes that Chief Financial Officer Jim McLemore and Chief Credit Officer Jeff Blum are also taking on additional responsibilities at the bank.

“On behalf of the board, I am pleased to say we have a very solid management team in place to continue to build this $2 billion bank in to one of the best community banks in the country,” adds Charbonnet.