About that UL tuition increase

by Walter Pierce

Never trust an English major to do math: it’s actually 20 percent for a full-time student, not 10 percent as we reported.


Tuition for a full-time student at UL Lafayette will rise 20 percent beginning with the fall semester. That’s double what we reported early this week, based on a press release from the university with these three sentences, “The ULS board approved tuition increases for eight of its universities under the GRAD Act of 2010. The act allows schools to raise tuition based on performance goals. A 10 percent increase was approved for UL Lafayette.”

But, as the press release also noted — using the phrase “in addition,” which like subtraction, multiplication and division, is some damn math as far as I’m concerned! — UL was also among five universities approved via this year’s Act 377 to levy a $28.58 per credit hour fee, which combined with the 10 percent tuition increase means a student taking 12 hours will pay roughly $700 more per semester, or 20 percent more compared to last year.

This is on top of the 55 percent increase in tuition at UL over the last five years — a hike occasioned by state legislators and Gov. Bobby Jindal cutting higher ed and health care to bone to balance a state budget in perennial shortfall.

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