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IAmA JoDu and T-Hu, ask me anything

by Christiaan Mader

Terry Huval and Joey Durel face the world in the online mega-community's daily question and answer series.

Terry Huval awaits your Fiber questions

LUS honcho Terry Huval and City-Parish President Joey Durel will grace Reddit’s /r/IAmA series on July 14 at 1:30 p.m. as part of ongoing festivities celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the public vote authorizing the creation of LUS Fiber, then and now one the first public fiber optic communications utilities built in the United States.

Huval and Durel will field questions, ostensibly from the world, about the role LUS Fiber has played in leapfrogging Lafayette into a telecommunications marvel. While Reddit’s open commenting format encourages active community discussion of passion peaking issues, it’s also well known for providing a megaphone for more unsavory communicators and neck-bearded web trolls. For his part, Huval is ready for anything and looking forward to getting a little digital face to face with the world entire.

“We’ve heard it all. We went through all the debates, and there were all sorts of strange questions that came around to scare people. We’ve learned a lot about what it takes to get a community to support a system like this. We’ll take all comers. Between Joey and I, we relish the opportunity,” Huval says.

Reddit, if you’re not familiar, is a user-submitted content web community that provides public forums or “subreddits” for pretty much every commonality and human interest under the sun (e.g. /r/Acadiana or /r/historyporn), and many of those that should remain in the shadows (e.g. /r/mensrights or /r/fifthworlpics). Subreddit /r/IAmA, often called simply AMA or Ask Me Anything, features direct question-and-answer threads with persons of interest for a variety of topics. The Bastille Day lineup also features discussions with NASA's Pluto flyby team and Ant-Man director Peyton Reed.

Expect Huval and Durel’s AmA to be somewhat tame and informative as regards to flame wars and bizarre vulgarities (explications of public utilities don’t necessarily bait out the crazies), but be sure to lurk one of the web’s more unpredictable online activities in which our techie little burg will get some well-deserved attention.

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