Taste the Rainbow

by Amanda Jean Harris

Adios blond and brown.

Amy Peacock has been blond for the last 40 years until recently when the bombshell boudoir photographer went a rosy, lovely pale pink.

“I had been wanting to do it for about a year now and decided last fall that I would go pink after my last wedding of the spring season. It was a kind of a celebration of my semi-retirement from photographing weddings and moving strictly to boudoir,” Peacock says. “I also did it as a little confidence booster. Every once in awhile it’s good to shake things up.”

Peacock, who had her hair transformed into pastel pink at Bleu Coiffure by stylist Christy LaBauve, is not alone in taking the plunge away from the traditional hues. It’s long been a beloved choice by edgy celebs — Kelly Osborne’s lavender, Rhianna’s firecracking red or Pink’s electric pink. Now, it’s going more mainstream than ever. And the reason why, says wild color stylist Hellianna Verrett, is more about what’s on the inside at times.

“People are just being themselves, and that’s been an influence on hair color,” says Verrett, who transforms clients into every color of the rainbow at The Color Bar on Ambassador Caffery Parkway. “Hair color is a way for people to be confident and express beauty and radiate and celebrate individuality.”

Verrett is also a brand educator for Wella (the brand of hair color she uses) and says the coming trend is more marbleized color as fall arrives. Not a movement away from wild colors like smoky blue violets necessarily, but a different look that blends colors more than the current ombre trend that has a distinct change from one color to another.

“Kind of like ombre but the color is melting,” she says.

If magenta hair color sounds great but you’re hesitant to commit fully, many of the brightest colors can be achieved with semi-permanent color.

The best tip when going with a nontraditional color — consult with a professional. Some drugstore hair colors that promise temporary color could last far longer than expected or fade too quickly depending on your natural color or how it’s been previously treated. — AJH