ASK AMANDA ... Wedding wear

by Amanda Bedgood

There are a few longstanding style "rules" we've been breaking over at INDStyle for years. Most have to do with the colors of black and white, when to wear them and what to wear them with. Today, we talk wedding wear and my favorite wardrobe color — black.

On a scale of 1 to aweeee I'm gonna tell your mom on you — where would wearing a black dress to a summer wedding fall?

- Besty Alleman

Dearest Betsy,

Wear the black dress. The number one rule when I'm picking wedding wear is: Is this appropriate to the occasion? Meaning, for a beach wedding I would wear any color of the rainbow so long as it's casual and can withstand wind without a wardrobe malfunction. For a more buttoned-up wedding at the Cathedral downtown I'm going all ladylike.

When it comes time to choose wedding wear as a guest I would go with pieces that feel most appropriate to the vibe of the wedding. For example, it's a country affair with burlap — look for a flirty little floral dress. Think about the weather, the crowd and the time of day for the best indicators on what to wear when your pals are tying the knot.

I spotted three black ensembles that could work for weddings of different occasions. For a nighttime affair that includes some dancing and drinks post vows I love this sexy little dress from Hemline with lace details. The simple cut of a modern shaped dress from Maven Womenswear is great for daytime weddings and I love the versatility of the jumpsuit we spotted at Vanessa V. All are pieces you can rock again and again the rest of the year.