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Will Georges run for gov?

by Leslie Turk

He’s stepped down as publisher of the state's largest newspaper, which he owns — fueling speculation he’s running for office.

Photo by Robin May

It didn’t take long for the speculation to begin.

On Aug. 2, Advocate co-owner John Georges confirmed that he had named Dan Shea, president of The Advocate, to replace him as publisher, the paper’s top executive position.

Could this mean Georges is handing over the reins to Shea on Sept. 1 in order to run for governor?

IND Media was already reporting on this possibility last week in this story — and this editorial urging him not to risk his paper’s credibility for his political ambitions.

On Monday Baton Rouge Business Report also began questioning his motives:

John Georges’ announcement Saturday that he is stepping down as publisher of The Advocate, which he acquired from the Manship family in 2013, is fueling speculation that the New Orleans businessman might enter the gubernatorial race.

In response to a written query from Daily Report on Sunday, Georges said: “I have no plans to run at this time.” However, when asked if that meant he will definitely not run Georges did not reply.

After Georges’ failed bid for governor in 2007 and New Orleans mayor in 2010, he said he was done with politics. But he left himself some wiggle room, telling a reporter with his own newspaper that in politics, “one never says never.”

Earlier this spring he told Daily Report that he is “watching the governor’s race develop and has no plans to run at the time … time will tell.”

Read that story here.

So what’s it gonna be, Georges — governor, the U.S. Senate? C'mon, we gotta know.