Just a coupla C.C.s talkin' cars

by Christiaan Mader

Wherein C.C. Adcock and I, C.C. Mader, talk about Lafayette's oncoming hot rod festival.

Below is the record of a conversation between me, Christiaan Charles Mader (noted as XN), and one Charles Clinton "C.C." Adcock, swampcore bluesman, swamp pop preservationist, lover, Downtown resident and a man even taller than his tales. The occasion of this exchange was discussion of Adcock's partnership in the upcoming Bayou Roundup hot rod show at Blackham Coliseum Oct. 16. What follows is the direct transcription of our chat: two ESA alumni, separated in their matriculation by many years, but nonetheless impressed by their own wits. Please disregard the pomp and direct your attention to the stray but key morsels of hard information.

XN: Do hot rods take just like regular unleaded? I’ve got it in my head that they run on liquid pomade.

CC: Murray’s and Royal Crown baby! Gulf Coast grease. An inch off the ground, speakers all around!

XN: You mentioned that Steve (Wertheimer, Bayou Roundup organizer, Austin rock club legend, certified public accountant) considered New Orleans but decided on Lafayette. Aside from the logistical considerations, what about the vibe in Lafayette settled it for him in our favor?

CC: The streets in New Orleans would just tear up the cars. Lafayette’s a couple of hours closer to Austin, and Steve, like all car guys, likes to be hands on. Downtown is a Cajun “Back To The Future” set. It’s gonna look and feel great flooded with pre-‘63 hot rods cruisin’ on a cool, fall Friday night and parked in the shadows of Dafford murals. There’s so much new, exotic culture, music and food here for our car guys, that are driving down from all over America, to discover. We’re gonna throw a bitchin’ party! And Blackham just has that vintage, road-worn vibe that’s perfectly matched for our event, with plenty of green parking space to show the cars and have a bandstand on the grounds. The inside of it looks just like all the old photos of legendary car shows that were held at the Oakland Coliseum, back in the day. Blackham could’ve been modeled after that building.

I’ve heard Steve and many other friends from Austin say over the years that Lafayette reminds them of what Austin used to be, before it got too big and modern and lost a bit of its soul. That’s another reason the show is probably such a natural fit here. And if that is true, I hope we can all take note and grow it right, here in Lafayette.

XN: Lafayette’s got some notoriously bad drivers, huh? I’d be terrified to take a classic hot rod on Johnston street.

CC: Naw! Most all of these cars are drivers. That’s the point. Everyone’s gonna be taking it slow and rubber-neckin’. Just think about how nice it’s gonna be to see lead sleds sliding past Judice Inn!

XN: I don’t immediately associate Laffy with hot rod culture. I’ve seen a handful of small car events in town (a casual gathering of Porsches in the Champagne’s parking lot for instance), but obviously nothing of this magnitude. Do you think this will appeal to folks who aren’t really into hot rods?

CC: Well we won’t be having any Porsches, just American-made. There’s a lot of great old cars and car guys and hot rod shops around Acadiana and throughout the state. This event might be a little closer for some than making it to the Lonestar Round Up in Austin (that happens in the spring). We’re going to have some great music and food out at Blackham. Archie (“Tighten Up”) Bell, the wonderful Ms. Barbara Lynn, swamp poppa Tommy Mclain, me & Lil’ Buck, the Stooges Brass Band, Bonsoir Catin and some very, VERY, special guest surprises. It’ll be something for everyone, all ages. But mostly, just checking out all the gorgeous cars will be the thrill. There will be millions of dollars worth of fine art, design and function in our parking lot!

XN: On average, how many “pink slips” are exchanged after races of honor?

CC: Well, we’ll have a swap meet and a car corral with some great old cars for sale on site at Blackham, so you can just buy your honor.

XN: Are “pink slips” really pink?

CC: Some are. Like I say when I’m at Ruth’s Chris (and otherwise), if it’s pink it’s ready.

XN: It would be so badass if you paraded all the cars into town while totally ripping on your Telecaster from the top of a sparkled purple Mercury. I guess that’s not really a question.

Austin is also famous for tacos. Can Steve bring us some tacos?

CC: Well, my buddy Charlie Sexton is threatening to drive over with his old Merc and tele, and these days, Lafayette’s even got tacos covered!