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14 Lafayette businesses popped in ATC crackdown

by Walter Pierce

More than a dozen bars, restaurants and convenience stores including some well-known and popular eateries were cited for alcohol sales to minors during a recent “2015 Summer Crackdown” by the state office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control. All told ATC issued 821 citations statewide — 460 for booze sales to juveniles and 361 for allowing minors to purchase tobacco.

According to ATC Commissioner Troy Hebert, nearly 5,500 business were targeted in the crackdown. Roughly 15 of those business were issued a citation, which according to Hebert is on par with previous years.

“We are not satisfied with a 15% non-compliance rate, but the good news is that 85% did the right thing,” Hebert says in a release announcing results of the crackdown. “There is nothing good that can come out of selling alcohol or tobacco to a minor and ATC will hold those that sold accountable,” said Commissioner Troy Hebert.

Businesses and servers face fines that range from $500 to $5,000, and penalties for repeat offenders can result in suspension or revocation of alcohol and tobacco permits.

The Lafayette businesses receiving ATC citations are:

● Maxwell’s Market, 1700 Kaliste Saloom Road

● Poseidon’s Greek Restaurant, 103 Kaliste Saloom Road

● Somewhere Else Lounge, 1506 Surrey St.

● Marcello’s Wine Market Café, 340 Kaliste Saloom Road

● Blue Agave Mexican Restaurant, 3558 W. Pinhook Road

● Tuffy’s Quick Stop 2, 1737 N. University Ave.

● Randol’s Restaurant, 2320 Kaliste Saloom Road

● Piggly Wiggly (tobacco and alcohol), 3826 Moss St.

● Nimbeaux’s Restaurant, 2011 W. Pinhook Road

● The Grand Theatre 16, 3141 Johnston St.

● El Potrillo Mexican Restaurant, 1934 Moss St.

● BJ’s Pizza, 2484 W. Congress St.

● Shannon’s, 4855 W. Congress St.

● Frozen Sun Daiquiris, 1517 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy