ATC agent canned for being an a**hole

by Walter Pierce

Brette Tingle isn’t an agent for the state office of Alcohol & Tobacco Control, but when he was, he was a lazy jerk.

Brette Tingle

Brette Tingle isn’t an agent for the state office of Alcohol & Tobacco Control, but when he was, he was a lazy jerk.

ATC Commissioner Troy Hebert announced Wednesday morning the ouster of Tingle, a veteran agent supervisor, based on (alleged) crass, threatening, racist and sexist text messages found on his state-issued cell phone. Tingle is also accused of falsifying payroll documents based on the GPS reports for his state vehicle, which according to Hebert, showed Tingle was home jerking around and/or goofing off when he claimed to be on the job. His case has been referred to federal and state law enforcement for possible criminal violations, according to Hebert.

From ATC, wherein we learn that Hebert, whose ATC SUV was recently stolen from his Baton Rouge home and unsuccessfully set ablaze, is known dis-affectionately among some of his employees as “maniac”:

A forensic examination of Brette Tingle’s state-issued cell phone revealed some very disturbing and alarming text messages between him and several former ATC employees. The following are a few examples:
· Former ATC employee: “I hate fu**ing ni**ers!!!”
· Brette Tingle: “Me too!!!”
· Brette Tingle: “Scourge of the earth!!!”

Discussing the resignation of an agent of Middle Eastern descent:
· Former ATC Agent: “Where is he going?”
· Brette Tingle: “Not in law enforcement. Said something spiritual. Probably joining the Jihad.”
· Former ATC Agent: “Yikes. Maybe he’ll suicide bomb maniac’s (Commissioner Hebert’s) office”
· Brette Tingle: “I’m hoping!!!”

When a former ATC Agent under his command requested sick leave because of her pregnancy, Tingle responded:
· Brette Tingle: “Get […] to perform some oral stimulation on you. That always helps […] on a rainy day!...”
· Brette Tingle: “I feel you! If I had something attached to my uterus I would pass as well.”

Tingle also referred to two African American agents as a “fu**ing loser” and a “stupid bit**.”

Numerous GPS reports were reviewed from Brette Tingle’s ATC vehicle and several time discrepancies were discovered. He claimed time for working on 37 days out of 55. The reports showed that Tingle’s state unit was at his residence while he was claiming that time on his timesheets. Further, his state-issued cell phone showed text messages that proved he was not working while he claimed time.

“This type of behavior will not be tolerated at ATC. It jeopardizes ATC’s creditability, as well as ATC’s ability to serve everyone in the state fairly and impartially,” Hebert says in a release announcing Tingle’s firing. “The good people at ATC have worked too hard and have accomplished too much to let the actions of a few tarnish all the good that has been done at this Agency.”