LCG looks to upgrade curb-side recycling

First things first: Consolidated government must cancel its contract with the Recycling Foundation.

Lafayette Consolidated Government’s Public Works Department wants to “explore options to expand and improve recycling services” within the city, according to a resolution before the council next Tuesday. In order to create a bidding process for vendors, LCG must first cancel its contract with the Recycling Foundation, which is what Tuesday’s resolution does.

LCG’s contract with the Recycling Foundation requires the government to give 180 days notice if it wants to terminate the contract, otherwise the contract is automatically renewed for 10 years. The winning bidder could end up being the Recycling Foundation or another company like Progressive Waste Solutions. The law requires LCG to accept the lowest bid, provided it meets the scope of a request for proposals issued by the government.

“We are working on an request for proposals with the hopes of being presented a range of potential improvements to the recycling program,” Blanchard says. “We hope to have that RFP ready to go soon.”