La. GOP director, BR pol are Ashley Madison ‘clients’

Jason Doré and Ryan Heck have some 'splaining to do.

Doré, left, and Heck

The Times-Picayune's website is reporting that personal account information for Jason Doré, executive director of the Louisiana Republican Party, showed up among the more than 30 million accounts released by a group that hacked Ashley Madison, a dating website for people looking to cheat on their spouses. But Doré tells it was simply for “opposition research,” which doesn’t make any sense because before the hack-tivist group Impact Team accessed the files there really wasn’t much to do at the site except find some action on the side.

According to, the database shows Doré spent $175 on the site beginning in 2013 using a former personal credit card. is also reporting that Ryan Heck, a Republican on the Baton Rouge Metro Council who is running for a state House of Representatives seat, also showed up among the clients of Ashley Madison. Heck — coincidentally, we’re certain — appears to have a fever blister on his lip in the photo at Heck claimed on social media that he joined Ashley Madison as a "joke."

Schadenfreude level: 10.