Ask Amanda ... The Fedora

by Amanda Bedgood

I am a hat person. I always have been. I wasn't brave enough to really wear one on the regular until senior year of college. (I couldn't say no to my cranberry Alicia Keys wanna be hat I received for Christmas.) And so, today at Ask Amanda we talk hats. They are bigger than ever for fall. Read on.


Are fedoras still in?

- Jennifer Raggio

Dearest Jennifer,

Yes. Fedoras are still in because they are a classic. A black fedora will always work. No matter what. Make it straw for summer and wool for winter.

The bigger question is what other hats are hot for fall. Enter the colored hat. Think cranberry and hunter green. Beloved floppy hats have a slightly smaller brim. Most hats have a unisex vibe with details like skinny leather trim.

Hats take any outfit to a new place and pull together a look with a statement in a way no other accessory can. Try with the bevy of suede pieces hot for fall like retro skirts, cool slouchy plaid tops or slick leather leggings.

Some of my favorite hats clockwise from top left: Maven Womenswear, Herringstone's, Vanessa V. and Hemline.

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