Party Girl

Party Girl 04.30.2008

Denny Guilbeau, Brooke Sokol and Benny Guilbeau

Dale Thevenet and David Legendre

Party Girl succumbed to the ReProm talk about town, which was far from the traditional fund-raiser with a far sexier crowd. On April 12 at River Oaks, the Lafayette Education Foundation gave supporters a chance to relive and re-create their high school proms. Thanks to the age-old credo that cocktails will soften vanity, the fashionistas of Lafayette came out in full swing in ’50s to ’80s attire — from lavender and baby blue tuxedo suits on the men to Madonna-mocking woman to Miami Vice looking babes. River Oaks did a fabulous job with the buffet, and the Robbie Bush Band had everyone grooving until midnight just about the time when the lights came on.

I think it’s important to recognize the men and women that helped raise a whopping $105,000 for LEF: The 2008 LEF ReProm Court are as follows: Kathy Aloisio, L.J. Alleman; Bill Bacqué, Van Eaton & Romero.; Suzy Lynch-Cummings, Ascension Day Preschool; Lauren Dupré; Michele Ezell, Tsunami; Debbie Deano Foreman, Par Realty; Ruth Forest, Louisiana Urology Center; Bob Giles, Giles Automotive; Billy & Denny Guilbeaux, Southside Bakery; Hope Hebert; Dr. David Legendre, Acadiana Addiction Center; Thomas Lemaire, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service; Gwen Lewis, Prairie Elementary; Jimmy Mallia, Dwight Andrus Insurance; Sen. Mike Michot; Lou King-Patin, King-Patin Staffing Services.; Rep. Joel Robideaux; Scott Saunier, Acadian Integrated Solutions; Brooke Sokol, Lafayette Coca-Cola; and D. Dale Thevenet. Party On! — PG

Emily Foreman and Debbie Foreman

Re-Prom Queen Lou Patin and Re-Prom King Bob Giles

Kim Mallia, Lauren Dupuis and Jimmy Mallia

Leslie Ste Maire

Hope Hebert, Suzy Lynch-Cummings and Aileen Bennett

Michele Ezell and Rachel Spoon