C’est what? Joel Robideaux’s brother criticizes campaign

by Walter Pierce

Thanksgiving will be awkward.

Joel Robideaux
Photo by Robin May

State Rep. Joel Robideaux’s brother, Lafayette attorney Jason Robideaux, has gone on record with his displeasure in the recent tone of his brother’s campaign for city-parish president. In a comment posted to The IND’s report, “Stanley, Durel dispute Robideaux raise accusation,” Jason Robideaux accuses his brother’s campaign of a “smear attack” that is “devoid of logic.”

Jason Robideaux is referring to his brother’s insinuation that City-Parish President Joey Durel “slipped into the budget and disclosed publicly only after final passage” an 8.3 percent pay raise for the next city-parish president. (If you’re unaware that Durel is term-limited as he nears the end of his third term in office, well, you’re probably not reading this anyway.)

Both Durel and Joel Robideaux’s opponent in the Oct. 24 election, LCG Chief Administrative Officer Dee Stanley, took issue with Joel Robideaux’s suggestion that the raise was slipped in and not disclosed until after the council passed the budget, pointing out that the raise was in the budget Durel submitted in late June, that it is within the legal bounds prescribed by the Home Rule Charter and that during Durel’s years in office he’s only taken the same raise offered to city-parish employees, typically 2 percent.

Jason Robideaux addresses his brother directly in the comment posted on our website:

This was an unfounded smear attack on CPP Joey Durel and candidate Dee Stanley. It was also devoid of logic and common sense, to wit: 1. The proposed pay raise was in conformity with the C/P Charter and well within the 10% increase allowed over the four year term of office. 2. Joel’s accusation assumes that Joey Durel knew that Dee Stanley would win the election for CPP. Huh? Duh?

There was no need to impugn the integrity of Joey Durel or Dee Stanley on this non-issue. All you had to do was say that you would refuse the pay raise if elected. Maybe that token goodwill gesture would of played well with the voting public. We all have to live and work in Lafayette after this election is over. Stop with the smears Joel.

Reached by phone this morning to confirm it was he who posted the comment, Jason Robideaux acknowledged his authorship and said “I love my brother” at least twice during a short conversation.

“My comment speaks for itself,” Jason Robideaux added. Even as he said he has “helped Joel tremendously” during his political career, he declined to say who he planned to vote for in the October election

“Both of them have very strong support in the community. I’m just saying we don’t need to go there. We just need to keep it to the issues — there are enough of them out there in regards to the parish. And look, after the election, no matter how it turns out, we all have to live and work here,” Jason Robideaux said, adding with a chuckle, “Can’t we all just get along?”