Pick Dat Week 2: King is queen, Rykman rules

Jenna "Da Winna" King accepts the weekly prize from herself.

Week No. 2 of The IND’s NFL pick-’em contest is in the books. The weekly winner prize goes to IND staffer Jenna King, who correctly picked 10 of the 16 games between Thursday and Monday. Among our VIP pickers, ESPN 1420 AM afternoon host and former NFL wide receiver Billy Rykman bested his fellow pro prognosticators with an underwhelming score of 7/16. In Rykman’s defense, Week 2 in the NFL was a strange affair. Who, really, picked the Jaguars over the Dolphins, the Raiders over the Ravens or the ’Skins over the Rams?

Billy Rykman
Photo by Robin May

King got to present herself with a bottle Rank Wildcat Rum, a sixpack of LA 31 beer, a $100 gift card to Brothers on the Blvd and a $50 gift card to Maxwell’s Market.*

It’s never too late to play our Pick Dat contest. Simply go to, click on the Pick Dat link at the top of the home page, register and make your picks. There’s no fee to enter, we won’t send you any marketing emails (although contact information is needed so we can contact each week’s winner and make arrangements to pick up their winnings) and the prize — booze and gift cards — is the same every week.

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*The contest is not rigged, we swear! Several IND staffers play along with readers — it’s anyone’s game. You just need to be good or lucky. Or both.