Gulf Brew postponed to July 2016

by Christiaan Mader

Lost in the shuffle of an epic 2015-2016 event season at AcA, the annual Downtown craft kegger will change dates and locations.

A volunteer pours the good stuff at Gulf Brew 2013
Robin May

With a eventful season of performances approaching at AcA, the 10th annual Gulf Brew Festival has slipped through the planning cracks, so to speak. You’d be forgiven for not noticing that the craft brew festival disappeared from AcA’s calendar, given that it’s booked date of Oct. 17 seemed to sneak up on pretty much everyone. As of about three weeks ago, AcA made the decision to postpone this year’s event until July 2016 and change venues from Parc International, according to Event Coordinator Brian Crutchfield.

“With our season being jam packed as it was we had a bit of a late start. Once we got closer to it we realized how far behind we were,” says Crutchfield.

The festival originally ran in summer months, but was moved to the fall to get beer drinkers out of the heat. Dehydrating beverages, long lines and balmy Louisiana July’s don’t mix well, so we understand if you’re panicking. Despite the return to summer climes, Gulf Brew’s organizers have kept the temperature needs of the drinking public in mind, indicating that the yet-to-be determined location will most certainly be both indoors and climate controlled. So cool your jets, craft brew enthusiasts, the only thing sweating at 2016’s Gulf Brew will be your growlers.