Dearest Dee

by Christiaan Mader

We hope this finds you well in your leave of absence. We're just writing to let you know a top gay rights org has endorsed you.

Forum for Equality slate of PAC endorsements
Forum for Equality

Dee Stanley, whether you wanted it or not, Forum for Equality has endorsed you. Out of all the elections happening in Lafayette right now, you’re the only candidate in Acadiana to receive its official support. It also endorsed all gubernatorial candidates who explicitly aren’t Scott Angelle and David Vitter, so that’s some illustrious company.

We can’t say for sure if having the state’s largest LGBT organization helps you or hurts you in this town, but there it is. They support you. Lafayette’s tent is growing larger, and you’ve contributed to that in your 12-year stint as Lafayette’s chief administrative officer. Remember in 2011 when you updated Lafayette Consolidated Government’s nondiscrimination policy to include folks of alternative sexual orientation and gender identity? Well, Forum for Equality does, and to show you its gratitude it's given you its PAC’s seal of approval over your opponent Joel Robideaux.

If I were a betting man, I’d lay money down that this was a gentle nudge on their part. They didn’t court or interview you. They didn’t demand your presence at any civic events or meetings. They extended no rings for you to kiss or gnostic contracts to sign. And while they could not be reached for comment on this open letter to you, I think it’s safe to say they’ve prodded you with their support. My guess is they want you to do the right thing and lead Lafayette to becoming the third municipality in Louisiana to pass city-wide nondiscrimination laws protecting the LGBT community. Maybe they’ve been waiting to thank you for taking modest steps in that direction with your updates to LCG’s employment and anti-harassment policies and haven’t had the chance to because you haven’t run for anything until now. Or maybe it’s just cause they think you’re a swell guy who’s demonstrated a desire to make Lafayette a better place to live for everyone who chooses to call it home.

Whatever their reasons, I get it. They like you. Hell, I like you — an opinion which in no way represents the official opinion of, nor an endorsement by, The Independent. (I'm also not covering your race.) You’ve got a great handshake and the definition of a thousand watt smile. Of course, I’m not really sure if that helps you or hurts you.