Posse of sheriffs endorses Chargois

by Christiaan Mader

Chargois' cavalry may be a little late on arrival, but could still make things interesting on election day.

Rick Chargois

[Editor's Note: Iberia Parish Sheriff Louis Ackal has since rescinded his endorsement of Chargois citing "circumstances in my own campaign."]

Former Louisiana State Police Lieutenant Rick Chargois announced endorsements by nine Louisiana sheriff's today, just over a week before primary election day on Oct. 24.

Chargois, who lost a bid for Lafayette sheriff in 2011, has struggled to keep pace with top card competitors Mark Garber and Chad Leger, disclosing a meager funding chest (around $7,000 left in hand) and routinely polling in the single digits. While the announcement certainly bolsters Chargois' chances of making a runoff over his nearest statistical competitor John Rogers, he has a lot of ground to gain with very little time to do it.

In the press release, Pointe Coupee Sheriff Beauregard "Bud" Torres III cited Chargois' long history in law enforcement as the deciding factor, representing the opinion of the other eight sheriffs in his endorsing posse.

“The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s office is not a training facility and needs someone who can walk in start working, making improvements from day one," said Torres. "Rick is the only candidate that we feel can truly do just that.”

Conventional wisdom holds that Chargois supporters primarily crossover with Leger's camp, so there is a statistical hook to the news in that he poses a siphon threat to Leger's tank of support.

Below is a list of Chargois' latest endorsers:

Sheriff Doug Hebert III - Allen Parish

Sheriff Scott Franklin - LaSalle Parish

Sheriff Ivy Woods - Jeff Davis Parish

Sheriff Bud Torres - Point Coupee Parish

Sheriff Glen Edwards - Red River Parish

Sheriff Lee Harrell - Richland Parish

Sheriff Ronald “Ronny” Richardson - Sabine Parish

Sheriff John “Sam” Craft - Vernon Parish

Sheriff Louis Ackal - Iberia Parish