In their own words

GumboPAC releases new ad featuring vanquished GOP primary foes Angelle and Dardenne trashing Vitter.

It remains to be seen whether Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne and/or Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle, the also-ran Republican candidates in Saturday’s gubernatorial primary, will issue endorsements in the Nov. 21 general election pitting GOP Sen. David Vitter against Democratic state Rep. John Bel Edwards. Angelle and Dardenne are almost certainly more likely to abstain from issuing endorsements than they are to endorse along party lines considering the way they were savaged by pro-Vitter outside groups leading up to Oct. 24.

But the pair had plenty to say about Vitter in press conferences and in the seven debates prior to the primary, only two of which Vitter deigned to attend, and GumboPAC, a political action committee whose raison d’être is all things anti-Vitter, is happy to use Dardenne and Angelle as spokesmen.

In an ad released Tuesday titled “Stain,” strong words from the mouths of Angelle and Dardenne attack Vitter in one soundbite after another, beginning with Angelle’s Oct. 21 comment, “We have a stench that is getting ready to come over Louisiana if we elect David Vitter as governor.”

Check it out: