La La Land

Monday's Blogs from the Bog

by Nick Pittman

What's scarier than Halloween? This election.

With the governorship hanging on a runoff – you know there was an election, right? I mean, only 38 percent of you voted – Gambit is all over David Vitter and John Bel Edwards. On the lighter side, there's the endorsement of Edwards by New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu. On Vitter, they go deep about his “serious sin” scandal, offering insight about him getting some trim … uhm, haircuts that is. The paper reports how his choice of barbershops ties in with the scandal.

Jim Brown poses the questions that no one cares to ask: why is voter turnout so pitiful (again, 38 percent?) and what can we do about it? For the cause of low turnout, he offers another sad statement – it might interfere with football watching. But, he has a plan and it involves a half million bucks. Turn off TV for a chance at cash? In Louisiana, that's a tough call.

Don't know what's worse: a web site calls a gubnatorial candidate a political prostitute and it doesn't raise eyebrows; said political prostitute is likely to win said race; or that every one knows Louisiana's shame. Vitter in the runoff prompts to call out Vitter in a column by Robert Mann, who likens his latest political ad to Lee Atwater and fellow Louisiana product David Vitter. It is going to be a rough four years.

Downtown Abbey, Uptown Funk
UL's dancing priest might make you forget about all of the above. Someone somewhere is printing up bumper stickers that say “I'm thankful for the good priests … who can dance.”