La La Land

Monday's Blogs from the Bog

by Nick Pittman

Today's Blogs are hotter than Angola's Death Row!

Voting by Brand

Gambit gives it straight up: polls be damned, Vitter is a Republican in Louisiana. Despite Edwards' reddish blue ways - pro-gun, pro-life, etc. - history might just favor Vitter.

[Caged Heat]( Heat-5704/)

The answer to Angola's Death Row temperature issue is here. And it is apparently swamp coolers and a shower?

A Butt Fumble of an Idea

Ok. Ok. Ok, ok, ok. Uhm, ok? Though we do need to think of a future without Drew Brees in it - despite these last few weeks having staved off the paper bags - but what is this guy smoking? With the NFL's trade deadline approaching, he argues that a good trade would be sending Drew Brees - yes the Drew Brees that broke records yesterday and continues to have good numbers in seasons that lack great results - to the Jets for a third round pick. Maybe we should use that trade to instead bring JaMarcus Russell out of retirement ... because both those things make sense, right

Edwards: White has to Go!

John Bel Edwards tells Lamar White Jr. that if he is elected, he can't see John White, the state's embattled superintendent of education, keeping his job. True, this is kind of like a kid who campaigns for class president on a "no tests" platform, but it is good to see that Edwards looks to use his BESE appointments in an anti-White fashion.

A Celebration or A Wake, You Decide

On Jan. 9, two days before Bobby Jindal leaves office, is throwing a party to celebrate that fact. As of now, it is set to be a celebration. If Vitter is elected, the site says it will be a wake. Not a jazz funeral but a wake. Either way, Democrats and Republicans alike can agree it is going to be pretty nice to see our part-time current governor become our full-time former governor.

Ron Guidry in the UL Hall of Fame: What Took so Long?

Seriously, he once got saved by Crawfish-Man. They should have made an exception.