Vitter enlists snake oil salesman

by Walter Pierce

Or, this week in ham-handed similes

Scott McKay, more or less

Scott McKay, an obscure, web-based thrower of rhetorical firecrackers and pithy pitch man for miracle elixirs and Armageddon survival kits, has been enlisted to preach to the choir on Sen. David Vitter’s behalf. McKay is making out like a Band-Aid.

As our friend and frequent IND contributor Lamar White Jr. notes on his blog, CenLamar, the Vitter campaign is paying McKay’s Hayride Media LLC, the limited lie-ability company behind the smart*, sassy* Hayride website, $1,000 per month to do stuff. Filings with the state ethics board call it an “electronic media expense.”

McKay is totally running with it (see below). In addition to the cool stuff he’s doing on his smart*, sassy* Hayride website, McKay is also making it his personal mission on social media to compare and contrast the candidates for Louisiana governor. McKay is very helpful in that respect. In a recent post, he absolutely half-way nailed it, setting up Sugar Daddy Vitter as the Rev.** Jimmy Swaggart — the Pentecostal pastor whose penchant for poking prostitutes cast him into disgrace in the late ’80s — and state Rep. John Bel Edwards as Anwar Al-Awlaki, the notorious American-born, Yemini al-Qaeda operative who was killed in a drone strike in 2011.

There you have it: Vitter is Swaggart because they were both disgraced following prostitution scandals and Edwards, a devout, pro-life Catholic, graduate of West Point and former Army paratrooper, is a terrorist.

So remember, readers, vote for the John — it’s important.

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*Neither smart nor sassy
**Revered by almost no one