On the spot: Paul Broussard, Leap Studios

by Nick Pittman

The IND’s Nick Pittman has a few questions for one of Lafayette’s go-to sound engineer/music producers.


One of the few constants in the not-yet-famous music scene, Paul Broussard runs Leap Studios out of his Lafayette home. Broussard’s stellar recording skills have been heard on many local albums, from metal, indie, electro and rap to Christian and more. Here, he tells us about a few upcoming releases and a dream project.

What upcoming project are you most excited about?

I’m most excited about the band Social Circle. They are electro-pop and really exciting to see live. Harmonies are everywhere in their music, which makes me happy, and the songs make me wanna move and dance. They have five songs on Spotify and will be putting out their debut EP in December.

I also am really excited about Matt Babineaux’s first EP coming out. He is a folk singer/songwriter and I also produced for him. He is a great storyteller and the songs were crafted to really support his lyrics.

Another band I recently finished a full-length for is Sunday Morning Headcount. They are really unique for their genre. They are metal but are way more pop at times and their influences are more like (Frank) Zappa and Devin Townshend. (They) Worked really hard on their CD and each and every song is so exciting and fresh feeling.

What local band do you wish would make a comeback?

Bimora, Down in the Park, OH! Juliet.

Locally, what are some bands you would like to work with?

Thelma and Theodore are total sweethearts and have some good sounds. Love recording Royal Teeth. Same with Electric Seed and Lane Mack. Hunter DeBlanc just finished a new song here that I produced named “Back 4 more” and it’s really a new sound for him and I think it’s a really cool direction.

Other than local bands, who do you wish would walk through your door?

Duh. Radiohead.