La La Land

Friday's Blogs from the Bog

by Nick Pittman

A muppet endorses for Vitter, Saban pulls for Edwards and Not Bobby Jindal goes on Jimmy Fallon.

Wear the Hat, Taste the Fat

Aziz Ansari - you know, that brown guy from that thing - graced us with his Bobby Jindal impersonation on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night. Here he unveils his slogan, discusses his 100 percent surge in the polls, shows off his 25 cent campaign hats and explains the myth of photosynthesis.

Edwards is Saban

Politics sure are dirty. Yesterday, Jay Dardenne - a Republican candidate for governor who didn't make the runoff - threw his weight behind John Bel Edwards. In response, Republican Party of Louisiana Chairman Roger Villere threw the S-bomb at Dardenne. “Today, Jay Dardenne became the Nick Saban of Louisiana Politics," Villere said. Ouch! Edwards, does that hurt worse than being called an Obamaist?

Does this Endorsement Matter? Depends.

There are two elephants in this room: one is Bill Cassidy; the other is what he's not mentioning. Republican Sen. Cassidy (and Same Eagle lookalike) comes out to endorse Vitter in true party line fashion. He outlines some good points for Republicans to vote for Vitter - hard worker, reaching across the aisle, etc. - but, he never mentions the issue that has fellow Republcians turning against Vitter: his serious sin.

Black Pastor to Mitch Landrieu: Leave the Confederate Monuments Be

Rev. Tom Watson says New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu should back off on his efforts to remove the city's Confederate monuments. The Times Picayune reports the black leader sees the mayor's efforts as unneeded and a racially divisive smokescreen. It's a shell game in other words, drawing our gaze away from what he says the mayor and the city's people should be focusing on: crime.

Edwards Fails but Passes as a Democrat

John Bel Edwards - shhhh! - is a Democrat. Says so right by his name. If that doesn't convince you, here's his grade from the Louisiana Family Forum: 51 F. But, again, he is a Democrat and this is a conservative group dedicated to protecting the sanctity of marriage against the gays and other stuff. So, to repeat: Edwards is a Democrat. Liberal, too, I'll bet.

Google Me and I'll Google You

Searching David Vitter and John Bel Edwards on Google isn't as fun as it might seem. According to the Times-Pic, that is because of cheap Google advertising. However, this piece does uncover an interesting tidbit about the searches: searches for Edwards surged after the election and remain high. It's almost as if Louisiana voters went to the polls without being informed about the candidates. Nah, that couldn't be it.

The Upper Crust

There's no shortage of good bad carbs in this town. For evidence, look no further than Poupart's Bakery landing on‘s list of 21 Best Bakeries In America. Not too shabby, especially considering it is the only Louisiana bakery on the list. Just don't view this list on an empty stomach. It ain't cheat day yet.

The Hate Game

In case you have't heard, there is some kind of football contest this weekend pitting a team from Baton Rouge against a team from Tuscaloosa. Apparently one of them is undefeated and this scrimmage could be a spectacle worth the ages. Over in Baton Rouge, the local periodical ran an informative list of why fans of one team love to hate the other team. It's top drawer reading.