La La Land

Monday's Blogs from the Bog

by Nick Pittman

Voting records + phone records = big November reveal.

Can you Hear me Now?

When a politician misses a vote on something key to their party;s platform - say honoring fallen soldiers when you are a Republican - it looks bad. Especially when it can be proven that on the day of the vote you were in Washington, D.C. When it can also be proven that on the same day you were making calls to a brothel, it is very, very damning.But, that's David Vitter. Here's a little closer look at the claim Vitter missed a vote to honor fallen soldiers to chat with a hooker. Maybe he was asking for her opinion on the issue.

The Democrats are Dead

Meanwhile Charlie Cook - Louisiana native and political pundit - says if a Democrat can't beat a Republican with Vitter's past, it means the party is dead in Louisiana.

Marksville Tragedy

The Marksville shooting is attracting national coverage after two officers - working as marshals at the time - opened fire on a pinned-in vehicle on a dead end street. There was no weapon in the car, just Chris Few and his 6-year-old son, Jeremy Mardis. Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse Jr gunned down Few and Mardis, killing the boy and putting Few in critical condition. Initially, they claimed to be serving a warrant but no warrant has been found. Both are now facing murder and attempted murder charges. As for what started it, Few's fiancée tells how a confrontation between the couple at a red light kicked off the pursuit. Also, here's a piece about the officers' past that will make even the most ardent blue backer wonder why they had a job.

Keystone is Dead

On Friday, President Obama killed the Keystone XL Pipeline dead, ending its seven-year journey to pump Canadian crude to Gulf Coast refineries. Obama said it was just a symbol and it needed to go because of it not being green and stuff. Secretary of State John Kerry said it compromised national security, 'cause you know, Canadians and stuff. Our future governor - be it Edwards or Vitter - was on board with the pipeline as it could have brought construction and refinery jobs to the gulf coast. Wow, if those two could agree on it ...

Keep it on the Field

LSU fans may have been more upset about this sign than Saturday night's loss. Guess that's reason number 11 to hate 'Bama. In all fairness an LSU frat did hang this one a few years ago.

Bobby vs Ted

When Bobby Jindal challenges Ted Cruz to a debate about Obamacare, it guarantees ratings ... if all the other stations are off the air (and even then, there's always Netflix and chill) . This blogger,however, is quite fired up about the potential of the GOP lower-to-middle carders locking horns. Hasn't he heard? The GOP nod is hanging on Dr. Ben Carson's scholarship non-offer.

Another Failing Grade

At 12.3 percent, Louisiana's pre-term birth rate earned us an F rating. Locally, Lafayette is above the pack at 10.4 percent, earning a strong F+ or D- grade.

Bad Call = Cajuns Win!

On Saturday, UL's Ragin' Cajuns managed to slip away with a victory over Georgia State in a game that should go down in history for one of the worst decisions and widest field goals in college football. Luckily, both were at the hands of Georgia State. Although they came out hot - driving to a field goal, then recovering a blocked punt for a touchdown on the first two series of the game - it came down to the wire. We received a lot of help on this one. GSU's kicker kicked a field goal that veered so wide the ball went into the stands. In the worst decision of all time, GSU tried a fake punt. In the fourth quarter. Up by one. Needing five yards. On their own 24. Of course it didn't work and the Cajuns were able to kick a field goal and hold on for a 23-21 victory.

Mais, dats a big Gumbo, Yeah!

LSU couldn't get it done Saturday night, but Louisiana did defeat Alabama this weekend. In Larose, Guinness Book of Records officials confirmed the world's largest gumbo - a 5,800 pound pot buster. The record was previously held by Tuscaloosa in a previous LSU-Bama related match-up. Yeah, it was big but it wasn't as good as my granny's.