La La Land

Wednesday's Blogs from the Bog

by Nick Pittman

Is he or isn't he? Questions arise about John Bel Edwards stance on abortion. Plus, more bad news from Marksville and what does this cup have to do with the war on Christianity?

Premeditation in Marksville

This just took a nasty turn. According to Megan Dixon, Chris Few's fiancée, one of the officers who shot few and his 6-year-old son had been messaging her on Facebook and even went to her house. Few warned the officer, Norris Greenhouse, Jr., that he would hurt him if he doing it.

Anybody's Race to Lose

Polls aren't always accurate and past leanings don't always predict future voter outcomes. With that in mind, Kyle Kondik of S_abato's Crystal Ball_ - which grades and predicts nationwide races - is now changing his mind about our governor's race. The site previously put it at a Vitter victory but now says - even in the face of the upset in Kentucky - it is a toss-up.

Would the Real Edwards Please Fess Up

Is John Bel Edwards pro-life or pro-choice? This blog says he is pro choice or, as he allegedly once put it, in favor of “the freedom of choice, between the appropriate parties and their higher power.” Edwards claims he never made that comment but the site is steadfast in its assertion. They also claim he has voted pro-choice and has weakened the language in legislation in favor of abortion. In other Edwards news, Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd called his attack ad on David Vitter - calling out Vitter for missing a vote the same day he was gabbing it up with prostitutes - the nastiest ever. Wow, that's saying something. See more here.

Vitter on Vitter

Well, that only took eight years. David Vitter finally opens up about his serious sin, but not really. Here he offers a hit-it-and-quit-it comment on it in a new political ad. Vitter offers a mea culpa on the scandal - which broke in 2007 and saw his phone number showing up on the phone records of a brothel. Says Vitter, “I learned that our falls don’t define us, but rather how we get up, accept responsibility and earn redemption.”

The Company You Keep

Bobby Jindal and a couple GOP candidates - and by that I mean candidates to not win the nomination - are under fire after comments made by Kevin Swanson during a speaking engagement. Jindal,Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee attended the event where Swanson - on stage alone - launched into a diatribe about how homosexuality is "worthy of death." Jindal and crew are being accused of supporting Swanson, which totally isn't fair. I mean they did just show up at the event moderated by Swanson - who is known for such vitriol - and take questions about how Christianity is under attack by the gays and the abortions. No foul there, am I right?

Saints Sign a Tiger

Former LSU Tiger QB - helping them take home the BCS title back in the 2007-2008 season - Matt Flynn is set to be a Saint. Flynn has been all over the league fighting for a starting role and backing up the likes of Aaron Rodgers. His biggest highlight came with the Packers against Detroit in 2012, where he set a single game club record by throwing for 480 yards and six touchdowns. He will back up Drew Brees now that Luke McCown's season is over thanks to back surgery. Just don't make any commercials, kid.

Fox News: The Voice of Reason?

In case you haven't heard - meaning you have stuck to the news that matters - there is a big "controversy" about Starbucks coffee cups. Seems like they aren't Christmas-y enough. (MAYBE BECAUSE IT IS BARELY NO-FRICKIN-VEMBER). Some Christians - and I mean some, not all - have their jingle bells in a twist about this being a part of some kind of war on Christianity. Todd Starnes, a Fox News blogger, says relax: it's just a cup. Hey, at least it's red and not fuscia, which is the official color of the war on Christianity. Oh wait, forget that last part.