La La Land

Friday's Blogs from the Bog

by Nick Pittman

Fox News to Jindal: you're no juice box, you are a raisin.

National Media on Marksville

CNN looks into the Marksville shooting and examines the strange role of marshalls in Marksville that is said to have started after a feud between the mayor and a city judge. It provides your typical poverty in a small town angle that could be said about nearly any small town in our state. The Washington Post (read it here) also came to Marksville, reporting that the night Chris Few and his 6-year-old son,Jeremy David Mardis, were shot, Few and his sometimes girlfriend (she identified herself after the shooting as his fiancée) Megan Dixon drank beer, shot Tequila and fought at a bar. The Post says she ended their relationship, danced with a bartender and he left angrily. While this does beg the question of where the boy was at the time and why was he in the car with Few, it doesn't matter. The situation in Marksville doesn't change the fact that two officers/marshals/whatever opened fire on an unarmed man and his son, killing the boy.

Vitter and Edwards on the Same Page

David Vitter and John Bel Edwards agree on one thing. Too bad they can do little about it. This Times-Picayune piece looks a their view on Common Core and state education Superintendent John White. They want both gone. But, it's not that easy, the piece explains. Governors don't have that power. Sorry guys ... maybe puppies? Do ya'll agree on puppies? #puppiesoverprostitutes

Raisin? ... Raising hell is more like it!

After watching the debate earlier this week, Fox News' Jesse Walters said Bobby Jindal looked like a raisin. Walters said Jindal was in attack mode, going crazy on every one on stage and even some not on the stage. Still, he says, Jindal's a like a raisin. "He’s just not very physically impressive, when you look at him he kind of looks like a raisin, a little bit. You know, he’s just small. and wrinkly, and shrunken, and he just doesn’t have an imposing dynamic," said Walters. I see what you did there: talking about his browness without talking about it. Very deft, good sir. No word yet if Jindal is going to own it like he did with his "Tanned. Rested. Ready." slogan.

Wrong, Bobby, Wrong

The facts are in and Bobby Jindal is wrong about two things - we're talking about just in the debate, not about everything else. calls out Jindal on his claim that Louisiana has more people working than ever (yeaaaaahhh, right!) and his assertion that our credit is has been upgraded (again!). Seriously, with a $117 million deficit even Showtyme Furniture won't give us a bed room set and flat screen TV. We're gonna have to see the Special Man.

He's Sick of it Too

JR Ball goes after the whole damn thing in this op-ed, or rant, about how sickening the governor's race is. He's sick of it all. ALL. What's the cure? Penicillin, Calgon and Tanqueray.

Just when You Thought it was Safe to Eat Late

Two Lafayette Taco Bell employees fought in the parking lot over money. One - a 31-year old, no less - produced a gun and fired into the air. Bruh, you got some shell fragments in your gordita.

Worked for Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel, Jameis Winston

It is hard to tackle LSU's Leonard Fournette on the fottoball field - unless you are wearing an Alabama jersey - but now the NCAA might be giving it a shot. Reports say LSU's investigation into the running back's family came from the NCAA and concern a website and merchandise on which his family reportedly received discount rates. This comes as Fournette is having a Heisman-contender season. But if past indicators hold up, a little investigation for violating the rules or rape or an arrest record might actually help his chances at nabbing college football's top prize.