La La Land

Monday's Blogs from the Bog

by Nick Pittman

David Vitter comes clean with the Duck Dynasty crew while John Bel Edwards shows his gentlemanly side.

Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson is on an ad for David Vitter reminding us that we've all made mistakes and shouldn't hold that against his candidate. You know something? He's right. We shouldn't. I mean, after all, I can't tell you how many times I've called prostitutes - I mean high end escorts - even though I'm married. Sometimes, I even blow off work to do do. Later, I ask them to have my abortion, which is something I'm totally against for you people. Or, I can't tell you all the times I've sent investigators to spy on my opponents. I mean, he totally opened up about it and have made some sincere apologies. He's ready to lead. Let's leave all those mistakes in the past where they belong and vote him into office!

John Bel Edwards: A Gentleman's Candidate?

Seriously? Just a little campaign tip for you, John Bel Edwards: you may want to think about where you go when you no-show a Louisiana Family Forum event, especially when your opponent is David Vitter and you have come out blazing about his serious sin. True, the event you missed was by anti-gay, ultra conservative group but the issue is not missing it. I doubt you really wanted to attend (or that they really wanted you) to attend anyway. The issue the Hayride and other conservative outlets gone wild about is you missed it for a meet-and-greet at Lyve, a New Orleans night club. I know you have to go after the African-American vote, but there's other places to do it at than Lyve - the club looks like a strip club (judging from the repeated, and I mean repeated, viewing of scrubbing the ground and working the pole videos I watched on the club's Instagram) that also books rap acts on the side (or vice versa or maybe both at the same time. I don't know - I'm white and married). If it's not a strip club, the club is guilty of false advertising. Though the club deleted your meet-and-greet flyer but not the enumerable flyers of luscious badonkadonk (and I mean Ba. Donk. A. Donk) the club showcases. I don't know if Cakez or any of the other bad girls of NOLA were making it a clap back the night you were there but it just looks bad when your campaign advertisement is showing up alongside girls who look like Nicki Minaj's less famous but even more under clothed sister. Next time, have someone - say a campaign manager, being that is their job - actually vet the establishment at which you will be appearing. I hear the Hustler Club is nice this time of year. (In grain of salt news, the Hayride is making a thousand a month off Vitter and though the video does show a purple party bus - complete with two stripper poles - that will take early voters to the polls it's not clear what club Edwards entered. The Instagram post does bear similarities to others made by the club.)

Jindal: Tough on Immigrants
The irony is too much. After the Grand Shooting 16, Bobby Jindal criticized those who responded with cries of gun control - asking for it instead to be a time to mourn. Now, after Paris, Jindal (the child of migrants himself) cries - in the form of a letter to the president - about Syrian immigration. It's great political grandstanding and there is certainly an issue here as the French policy failed ... but, Bobby, that letter isn't getting read.

We are not as Think as you Drunk I Am

A recent study determined the drunkest city in each state based on binge and heavy drinking and alcohol related driving deaths. We won. Let that seep in: Lafayette is drunker than New Orleans. Day-um.

Bobby's so Bad, Vitter is Suffering
UNO polled likely voters about the current governor and the governor's race and it is not looking good for Bobby Jindal or David Vitter. At 20 percent, Jindal's approval rating is lower than any U.S. president - Harry Truman hit 22, George W. Bush hit 25. The poll suggests people are so dissatisfied with Jindal that they are turning away from Vitter. Other damning results for Jindal: 70 percent disapprove of his performance, more than 50 percent strongly disapprove of him and 67 percent say Louisiana is headed in the wrong direction. Of course, Jindal's popularity isn't what it once was and this poll was likely conducted in or around the New Orleans area - a stronghold for Democrats. But, it did find that Republican respondents are twice as likely to strongly disapprove of Jindal as they were a year ago. So, the question is: were Jindal to make the Republican nomination, would he even carry Louisiana?

Thanks, Obamacare!
Looks like the affordable care in the Affordable Care Act is getting a bit less affordable. Rate hikes are driving up costs anywhere from 6.4 to 29.5 percent for some of the 200,000 Louisiana residents with Obamacare. All the while, out of pocket expenses are also going up and less doctors are available. Yet, even with hikes some residents say it is still more affordable than plans outside of the exchanges. So, thanks and you're welcome?

Other Election News
With the big day upon us, there's a lot to digest. Jeff Sadow warns an Edwards win could infringe upon the Second Amendment. Vitter warns that the Supreme Court's ruling could lead to cramming stuff down Christian throats. No mention of Starbucks cups, though. Here's a look at how a country boy from Amite - if you ever want to see a town asleep, go to Amite - gained a 20 point lead on an established political powerhouse in the governor's race. Some of you are nodding in agreement. Some of you are laughing. See y'all at the polls.

Er, my Bad

Last week a picture of a noose hanging from a tree at LSU went somewhat viral in Baton Rouge. Turns out the person who posted it is likely not in school to be an electrical lineman as it was a part of a power line. At least that's what we wanted you to think.

Sore LSU-er

Maybe the Saints can draft this guy so he and Brandon Browner can share their thoughts on losses.